In Oxford tutorial fellows provide ~ 140 hours of small group tutorial teaching for their college, in addition to administrative duties and admissions interviews. My college is Christ Church, which admits three to four students to read Biochemistry each year.

A view of Tom quod leading to Tom tower, Christ Church, Oxford.

The Biochemistry course is four years in length, with the students graduating with an MBiochem (Hons.) degree in their fourth year.

In addition to tutorial teaching, which usually occurs four to five times per week during term, I also run several lecture courses, which are detailed below.

First year teaching

  • Biochemistry to medical students, inc. Protein structure & function, Enzymology, lipid and carbohydrate biochemistry and cell signalling.
  • For 2017/18 and 2019/20 I will also be acting as one of two biochemistry examiners .
  • Biophysics to Biochemistry students

Second year teaching

  • Molecular graphics practical

Fourth year teaching

  • Co-organiser for the Part II option in Membrane proteins.