We are passionate about science and passionate about explaining our research to the wider public. Public engagement in research is important to us. One of main aims is to disseminate our exciting breakthroughs and enthuse the general public in the cutting edge research being undertaken within our group, department and wider University.

Our research covers many fundamental areas of medical research, from understanding how cancer drugs are transported into the human body to Body Odour production, understanding how nitrate fertilisers are taken up by crop plants, developing new drugs to target Tuberculosis and how proteins are posted to different parts of the cell! All these processes are made possible through the action of Solute Carrier proteins, which function like canal locks to regulate the movement of molecules into and out of cells. See this excellent video that describes what solute carriers are and how they function in your body.

Our team attend a variety of public outreach events each year to engage with people, like you, keen to understand the natural world and molecular bioscience. Please see below for upcoming and recent events where we will be presenting, discussing and engaging with whoever drops by!

Summer Science 2021 BO & Beyond!

On July 8th our group will host an exhibit discussing how and why humans are smelly! In collaboration with our colleagues in the University of York and funded by the BBSRC and Unilever, we are working to develop novel ways to combat Body Odour production on the skin. Using state of the art biochemistry and imaging techniques we can visualise the solute carriers resonsible for BO production in your armpit microbiome! Working with Unilever, we are developing new ways to tackle this scourge of modern life. Come find our more at our dedicated site..

Find out more about our research from these short animations:

BO and Solute Carriers

Armpit Microbiome


Play the BacMan game and learn about the role of Staphlycoccus hominis in BO production.