Dr Alicia Churchill-Angus: Post-doctoral Research Associate 2020-2021

Mr Haitem Elmassoudi: Research Support Technician. 2019-2020

Dr Philip Brauer: Wellcome Trust Structural Biology DPhil student 2016-2019. Currently working for Merck as an investment analyst.

Dr Gurdeep Minhas: Post-doctoral Research Associate 2014-2019. Currently working at Sosei Heptares.

Mr Tom Morgan: BBSRC DTC DPhil student 2017-2019. Currently training for a medical degree.

Dr Ashley Gilum: Wellcome Trust Structural Biology DPhil student 2014-2018.

Dr Richard Payne: Post-doctoral Research Associate 2016-18. Currently training for a law degree.

Dr Jason Yau: Post-doctoral Research Associate 2016-18.

Dr Oleg Sitsel (EMBO Long Term Fellow) 2016-17. Currently working at the MPI Dortmund.

Dr Katharina Jungnickel (Marie Curie DPhil student) 2013-2017. Currently working at the EMBL in Hamburg.

Dr John Beale (MRC DPhil student) 2010-2014. Currently working at the PSI Switzerland.

Dr Sabrina Schulze (EMBO Long Term Fellow) 2010-2012. Currently working at the MPI of Biophysics.

Dr Sonya Hanson (NIH OxCam DPhil student) 2009-2013. Currently a group leader at the Flatiron Institute, NYC.

Dr Nicolae Solcan (Wellcome Trust Structural Biology DPhil student) 2009-2013. Currently working at Sosei Heptares.

Part II Masters students:

James Bennett (St Catz) 2021

Kathryn Smith (Exeter College) 2020

Isabelle Hughes (Queens College) 2019

Weh Teh (Trinity College) 2018

Tanadet Pipatpolkai (Trinity College) 2017

Allison Swinbank (St. Hilda’s) & Jessica Dark (Oriel) 2016

Daniel Grba (Corpus Christi College) & Gregory Ledderboge-Vucinic (New College) 2015

Anne Barrett (Wadham) & Scott Jones (St. Anne’s) 2014

George Vaisey (St. Peter’s) 2013

Daphne Amevenu (St. Catherine’s) 2012

Visiting Fellows:

Professor Robert Tampe (Goethe University, Frankfurt).