Dr Feng Qu: Post-doctoral Research Associate 2019-2023. Currently working for OMass therapeutics.

Dr Takafumi Kato: JSPS Fellow 2020-2023. Currently working for Otsuka pharmaceuticals.

Dr William Wu: DPhil 2017-2021; PDRA 2021-2022.

Dr Julia Hulmes: Post-doctoral Research Associate 2019-2022

Dr Alicia Churchill-Angus: Post-doctoral Research Associate 2020-2021

Mr Haitem Elmassoudi: Research Support Technician. 2019-2020

Dr Philip Brauer: Wellcome Trust Structural Biology DPhil student 2016-2019. Currently working for Merck as an investment analyst.

Dr Gurdeep Minhas: Post-doctoral Research Associate 2014-2019. Currently working at Sosei Heptares.

Mr Tom Morgan: BBSRC DTC DPhil student 2017-2019. Currently training for a medical degree.

Dr Ashley Gilum: Wellcome Trust Structural Biology DPhil student 2014-2018.

Dr Richard Payne: Post-doctoral Research Associate 2016-18. Currently training for a law degree.

Dr Jason Yau: Post-doctoral Research Associate 2016-18.

Dr Oleg Sitsel (EMBO Long Term Fellow) 2016-17. Currently working at the MPI Dortmund.

Dr Katharina Jungnickel (Marie Curie DPhil student) 2013-2017. Currently working at the EMBL in Hamburg.

Dr John Beale (MRC DPhil student) 2010-2014. Currently working at the PSI Switzerland.

Dr Sabrina Schulze (EMBO Long Term Fellow) 2010-2012. Currently working at the MPI of Biophysics.

Dr Sonya Hanson (NIH OxCam DPhil student) 2009-2013. Currently a group leader at the Flatiron Institute, NYC.

Dr Nicolae Solcan (Wellcome Trust Structural Biology DPhil student) 2009-2013. Currently working at Sosei Heptares.

Part II Masters students:

Catriona Robinson (Wadham) & Jack Broadbent (Queens) 2022

James Bennett (St Catz) 2021

Kathryn Smith (Exeter College) 2020

Isabelle Hughes (Queens College) 2019

Weh Teh (Trinity College) 2018

Tanadet Pipatpolkai (Trinity College) 2017

Allison Swinbank (St. Hilda’s) & Jessica Dark (Oriel) 2016

Daniel Grba (Corpus Christi College) & Gregory Ledderboge-Vucinic (New College) 2015

Anne Barrett (Wadham) & Scott Jones (St. Anne’s) 2014

George Vaisey (St. Peter’s) 2013

Daphne Amevenu (St. Catherine’s) 2012

Visiting Fellows:

Professor Robert Tampe (Goethe University, Frankfurt).